Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yolanda Shanks's Destined to Live Despite Me

Yolanda Shanks's Destined to Live, Despite Me: Biblical Truths for Suicide Survivors is a poignant exploration of the suicidal mind and the triumph over prevalent thoughts of suicide. Written by a suicide survivor, the book addresses such typical suicidal thoughts as: "I Wish That I Was Dead And That I Had Never Been Born," "No One Truly Cares About Me," "I Feel So All Alone," "Ending My Life Will Stop All this Hurt, Pain, Embarrassment, and Shame," "Life is Too Hard and Suicide is My Only Escape," and "I Will Have the Final Say in the Matter." While it addresses these thoughts, it also gives suicide survivors the foundation to move on with their lives, giving the direction and helping hand to find a meaningful and purposeful life built on biblical truth. It is written in the manner of someone who understands and has been there, does not cast judgment, and provides you with the framework to establish healthier thinking and an unshakable foundation when the trials of life challenge you again.