Thursday, July 15, 2010

Richard A. Valicek's Alamptria: Red Moon Rising

Richard A. Valicek's Alamptria: Red Moon Rising chronicles an amazing journey of dark forces, destruction, and sorcery in a fantastical fifteenth century setting. The novel's heroic protagonists, the three Seaton brothers and Melina Hampshire, learn the importance of solidarity and unity, fusing their individual powers of good to effect triumph over the dark forces of the dark lord Makoor that threaten the innocent people of Alamptria.

Alamptria: Red Moon Rising imparts an important moral tale of the triumph of good over evil and the fortifying power of unity. In a time of vampire-mania, readers and viewers alike are bombarded with overly simplistic tales for teenagers, denigrating the vampire and fantasy genre; however, Richard A. Valicek restores the genre's glory with his intricate plot, enthralling language, and powerful themes. While we search to find a sense of meaning in today's tales of vampires, often left without a deeper theme, Valicek's compelling tale is simultaneously dynamic and leaves a resounding sense of the importance of both solidarity and inevitable triumph of the good and free over seemingly insurmountable forces of evil.