Monday, July 26, 2010

Ron Stock's Moses, God's Blessed Donkey

Ron Stock's Moses, God's Blessed Donkey is a family-friendly read with both a riveting story and beautiful illustrations, chronicling the biblical adventures of Moses and Bullion. Moses, "but a different Moses than the one who probably flashed into your mind" is a blessed donkey who "witnessed the Son of God defeating death, and rising again so that God's people might be forever free." Bullion, "so named because when he was an infant, his mother thought that he would grow to be as strong as a bull and as brave as a lion" is a dreamer who imagines himself as a king, "as rich as King Solomon and as loved as King David."

Told through the eyes of a donkey, the biblical stories become more approachable, comprehensible, and enjoyable for children. Stock's writing style is simultaneously accessible to children and sophisticated enough to entertain parents while reading it, making for many enjoyable nights spent reading as a family. Moses is the perfect witness to impart the lessons and significant moments of Jesus' life to children of all ages. Stock's debut book promises more approachable and fun biblical stories for families, and we can eagerly await his next book which will address the life of Simon Peter's life and the construction of St. Peter's Basilica. Stock's writing is an excellent tool to make your children enthusiastic both about The Bible and reading and provides the perfect activity for quality family time.