Thursday, August 12, 2010

John Locke's Saving Rachel (A Donovan Creed Crime Novel)

John Locke's Saving Rachel (A Donovan Creed Crime Novel) is a fast-paced thrill-ride that challenges you to put it down. Locke's engrossing style will hook you, presenting a suspenseful and sexy story in a stream of consciousness that quickly carries you with its flow. His unique descriptions ("dazzling White-Cliffs-of-Dover smile") and pop culture references ("Mr. Clean on steroids") will keep you entertained while painting vivid images in your mind. Locke expands on the Creed character from his earlier novels, Lethal People, and Lethal Experiment, more deeply exploring his antihero, the former CIA Assassin with "a heart of bronze." Saving Rachel is a thoroughly enjoyable book that combines Locke's prowess for language and metaphor with his gift of intrigue and story-weaving. The bite-sized chapters take you on a rollercoaster from one to the next, making it both a quick-read and impossible to put down. After reading Saving Rachel, I can not wait to read Now & Then and Wish List, the next installments in the Donovan Creed series.