Sunday, August 15, 2010

Roger Alidade's Roof of Hell

Roger Alidade's Roof of Hell is a page-turning suspenseful adventure that chronicles the explorations of a geophysicist, Eric, who is seeking to uncover the mysteries of the Aleutian Islands "Roof of Hell" and the WWII Japanese submarine that remains elusive, filled with treasures for the brave who seek it. The adventure is filled with threats to their mission and intrigue, keeping you riveted from beginning to end. Alidade offers a voice of authority and reality to his adventure as a geophysicist who has garnered over thirty years of experience, creating details and renderings of their escapades that make you feel as though you are there with them. The story is two-fold, as Eric seeks to discover not only the treasure of the sea, but also his life path, walking away from a successful job as a corporate geophysicist and salvage expert to forge his own adventure and way in the world, independent of the corporate ties that bind him.