Monday, December 27, 2010

Douglas Alan's Circle of Lies

Douglas Alan's debut novel, Circle of Lies, immediately captures your attention and draws you in, making for an enjoyable, fast-paced thriller with intriguing characters from cover to cover. The story centers on Atlanta attorney, John Delaney, as he struggles to maintain the innocence of and defend his child friend, Ted Jordan, who has been accused of murdering his law partner and embezzling half a million dollars from the firm. While all of the signs point to Ted's guilt, John discovers that the intrigue goes much deeper, involving a drug company and federal agents. The book is well-written, exhibits excellent character and plot development, and has all of the elements of suspense to make for a page-turning, riveting read; it is possible that Circle of Lies may become a major motion picture, transforming a phenomenal thriller from a book to a movie.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

James D. Evans's Panama Sushi Coup

James D. Evans's Panama Sushi Coup is a true story of prostitution and corruption in Panama City. The story is captivating, dispelling myths about prostitution and portraying sex and prostitution in an unguarded and candid manner. Evans writes without restraint, in a true to life manner, exposing the nature of human relationships and friendships, revealing the corruption of the Panamanian government, and detailing his involvement in a brothel/ strip club, what he calls "the darkest days of his life."

Evans, a former partner in a Panamanian brothel, becomes a scapegoat to his best friend and business partner when the government raids the establishment and falsely accuses them of human trafficking. Despite a deep betrayal, Panama Sushi Coup is written impartially and Evans eventually triumphs and finds redemption. He urges that while we never know who will betray us, as humans, we must still risk trust. While readers will inevitably find the portrayal of the sex industry intriguing and purchase the book to indulge their morbid curiosity, there are many important messages interwoven in this adult tale. "No matter who you are, or what you have accomplished, life will always have new lessons to be learned."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

D. Sidney Potter's The Flip

D. Sidney Potter's The Flip offers a step by step guide for flipping real estate, a veritable "how to" for the aspiring real estate mogul. Potter's extensive knowledge and background in the house-flipping market serves his readers well; however, he does not write with the assumption of experience, but, rather, starting at the beginning "What is House Flipping?", breaking the overwhelming process down into manageable steps. He breaks the process down into large categories: How to Begin, Choosing the Property, Optioning the House with Upgrades, Marketing the Property, What to Do at Closing, and Leveraging and Maximizing Your Return. Potter details the pitfalls of the investment and how to deal with the potential risks involved in what is frequently considered a wildly chancy investment: getting around "can't sell" clauses, straying from the Game Plan, seeking counsel from outside sources, and, most importantly: when to walk away from a flip. Potter presents different styles and options, with advice and comparison on all the possibilities from deciding on a city and state to whether to market the property yourself or use a real estate agent. The strength of Potter's writing lies in his ability to address significant but seemingly small considerations like "Tips to Show the Home Properly and Inexpensively," offering tips to minimize your cost and maximize your profit while still presenting yourself professionally and providing quality, the ability to break down a large and intimidating market into manageable pieces, and his prowess for interweaving personal experience with valid advice, providing credence to his advice and a story to keep the reading from becoming dry, but without turning it into a personal narrative.