Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Naheed Ali's Diabetes and You

Naheed Ali's Diabetes and You is the veritable authority on living with diabetes, covering everything from the basics--causes and symptoms, diagnosing diabetes, treatment options, and juvenile diabetes--to much more difficult topics: diabetes and mental health, diabetes and heart health, the diabetic's ultimate diet, pain management for the diabetic, and staying motivated.

Ali asserts that diabetes is a disease that "can be licked through motivation and hard work... you are not helpless, and never will be, against diabetes." He offers some excellent advice on how to beat the disease in your mind so that you can beat the disease in your body. This is an excellent book for any diabetic or relative of a diabetic to read, exploring all of the options for pain management and treatment options, helping you to find the pain management and treatment strategy that is right for you or your loved one. His comprehensive exploration of every subtopic of diabetes is the definitive source for a complete, yet concise guide to diabetes, informing without overwhelming the reader.