Saturday, February 12, 2011

Peter Biadsz's Write Your First Book

Peter Biadasz's Write Your First Book is an excellent source and veritable how-to guide for any writing seeking to publish a book. Biadasz's book is ideal for those who have an idea for a book but don't know how to turn it into a book, those who are unpublished authors who have completed their book but don't know what to do next, those who are self-published authors looking to expand their sales and marketing, published authors seeking to expand their marketing efforts or their body of work, and speakers, pastors, and teachers who want to turn their speeches into a book. He guides writers through each step of the publishing process, guiding you from the idea to the publication to the successful marketing of a book. Whether you are new to writing or a veteran seeking to expand their marketing strategy and efforts, Biadasz provides the ultimate guide to writers of all ability and experience levels, breaking the process down into manageable steps and giving practical, applicable advice.