Saturday, March 5, 2011

George Simeran's Prince of this World

George Simeran's Prince of This World chronicles the lives, exploits, and adventures of a libertine and his friends in Los Angeles. It is filled with all of the hallmarks of the debaucherous and unrestrained lifestyle, detailing the sex, drugs, alcohol, affairs, and prostitutes that fill their lives with intrigue and excitement. Prince of This World is an excellent character study, filled with artfully written characters and their motivations, intrigues, and desires. The author describes his early life and career as a dedication to "mainlining the bourgeois lifestyle and anything made by Tom Ford," the designer who is quite possibly the most celebrated and exciting libertine of our times, who sold sexuality at Neiman Marcus, making for an interesting parallel between the things the author seeks and reveres and those of his characters. Prince of This World has been widely compared to the writings of Brett Easton Ellis and Michael Houellebec, and is a riveting story both for readers who enjoy these authors or are new to this genre.