Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Michael Link's Inviolate

Michael Link's Inviolate details the journey of an 8th grader, Connie, who is raped on her way home from a Halloween party. While the rape is brutal, Link presents an interesting perspective through the child's trauma counsellor, who explains to her that while her physical virginity has been taken from her, her innocence and spiritual virginity have remained intact for the man with whom she chooses to share them with. The story follows the life of Connie into adulthood, when another question of sexual indiscretion and question of paedophilia presents itself when a co-worker is falsely accused of molesting a child. Inviolate presents the regrettable disparity between the punishment for the guilty and the innocent, as many predators are left free to roam the streets and cause harm, while reputations of the innocent are slandered and ruined through unfounded accusations and legal battles, leaving irreparable damages.