Friday, June 17, 2011

Avraham Azrieli, The Jerusalem Inception

Avraham Azrieli's The Jerusalem Inception is a stunning literary work that seamlessly fuses the riveting plot of a spy thriller with romantic entanglements and the story of a nation. While the overall tone of the book is that of a great espionage thriller, Azrieli's work is striking in its strength of themes, subplots, and sub-genres, tying Israeli history into a story of jilted lovers, revenge, religion, intrigue, suspense, and espionage. The Jerusalem Inception, Azrieli introduces readers to Jerusalem "Lemmy" Gerster, a young member of the IDF.

The novel chronicles significant events in the history of Israel, beginning at the end of WWII, when Abraham Gerster and Elie Weiss both fall in love with Tanya Galinski. Two decades later, on the eve of the Six Day War, Lemmy Gerster is on the path to rabbinical study, following in the footsteps of his father, now Rabbi Abraham Gerster, when his life is irrevocably changed. Tanya has returned to Israel from living in Europe and, upon being rejected by Rabbi Gerster when she attempts to rekindle their romance, she begins to pursue Lemmy, who falls in love with her and decides to forge his own path, enlisting as a paratrooper in the IDF. Meanwhile, Elie Weiss plots a revenge of his own, jilted by Tanya, as she has been jilted by Rabbi Gerster. Lemmy embarks on a dangerous mission, with the fate of Israel resting on his young shoulders. While young Lemmy fights for his country, there are dark intentions and intrigues at play, involving those to whom he is closest and from whom he takes orders.

Azrieli's exacting historical research and own experience in the IDF, leaving his own rabbinical destiny to join in the fight for Israel, lend to the novel's strengths, interweaving real facts and experience with a thrilling plot and well-written and developed characters.

In writing The Jerusalem Inception, Avraham Azrieli transcends the creation of a story, creating a piece of literature, interweaving an intriguing plot with the evocative themes of religion and the history of Israel. Indeed, The Jerusalem Inception inevitably leaves readers anxious for the next installment of the Jerusalem Gerster series.