Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bruce L. Thompson's The Handbook of Love

The Handbook of Love: A Guide to Your Love Life by Bruce L. Thompson, Jr. teaches readers how to give love, receive love, and grow in the power of love. By sharing insights and wisdom from his own failures and successes at love, Thompson provides readers with an uplifting and emotionally nourishing message.

Thompson presents various lessons of love in a poetic format, using evocative language and a unique format to explicate the nature of love and give readers instructions for unlocking and accepting love into their lives. Among the various lessons and thoughts on love are the freeing nature of love, the power with which love provides us, how to overcome our weakness, how love take us up in its "whirlwind of nonstop change," and the fulfilling nature of love. Thompson characterizes love as a "battlefield," a "dream," a "fire," a "crime," a "door," a "choice," and a "highway." The author illuminates the various aspects of love, which is a multi-faceted emotion that often confuses us with its changing nature and ability to take on many different characteristics.

Through Thompson's words, readers are able to "start a revolution of love" in their own lives and the lives of those around them. The Handbook of Love is a beautifully written book, whether we are looking for love, struggling with our relationships, or fulfilled in love, a true testimony to love's many characteristics.

Thompson helps readers to open their hearts and their minds, and to accept love for the chameleon that it is, inspiring them to find fulfillment within it. His dedication "To All Mankind" is an appropriate summation of his work, offering his touching message to the world, addressing a topic that is relevant to all of humanity, in that it helps all of mankind to let love in, and offers themes that are resonant to every reader. It is an unforgettable book, aptly fulfilling its aim to "bring you into an experience of love that is unforgettable."