Monday, June 13, 2011

The Everlasting Season by Daniel J. Brommer

Daniel J. Brommer's The Everlasting Season is a powerful testament to one young man's faith in God and his pursuit to glorify God through football and living a chaste life. Darren "Cam" Cameron made a deal with God when he was eleven, that involved exchanging the power to control time and to be successful in football.

In return for the power to slow and speed time, Cam vows that he will do everything for God and "give him all of the glory and take none for myself," and to be a tool for him; his pact includes no parties, no drinking, no smoking, no swearing, no sex until marriage, and no obscene gestures when he scores a touchdown. Cam attributes this God-granted ability to his great success, making him capable of outrunning anybody and the prowess to "juke defenders until their knees tear and leave them wondering what happened." Although he is seventeen, he has used his power so often that he calculates his real age to be 24 or 25. Reflecting on his life and a popular saying, Cam relates, "A girl I once knew told me God first, football second. She has no idea."

Despite his many successes on the field and the accompanying achievements that it affords him, including a full scholarship to Florida State, the temptations of high school and romance challenge his faith and his steadfast resolve. As his obedience to God is tested, Cam questions whether or not his exchange with God was the right decision. Through Cam's dialogue with God, we are provided with an intense spiritual message, portraying an obedient life as "an amazing witness" for "his Kingdom" in a truly "hard time to live in."

This is a truly compelling story for athletes, high schoolers who face similar temptations, and the faithful. Although it is rooted in faith and in high school experiences, it treats faith in a unique manner, inclusive of non-believers, and high school is only a backdrop for the temptations of the world and what proves to be a very mature story and message, making it universally appealing to all readers. Brommer interweaves a story of athleticism with spirituality, faith, and tested obedience--concluding with a shocking denouement that provides a powerful message.