Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Contact: Digital Science Fiction Anthology

First Contact: Digital Science Fiction Anthology 1 is the first in a monthly series of science fiction anthologies, carefully selected for stories that fused a compelling plot with genuine literary quality. The first issue featured ten short stories, each one a solid selection by the collaborative team of anthologist Michael Wills, Managing Editor, Stephen Helleiner, and Editor, Jessi Hoffman. The stories are written by authors from around the world, including: "How I Lost Eleven Stone and Found Love" by Ian Creasey, "Biting a Dead Man's Hand" by Ed Greenwood, "The Caretaker" by Ken Liu, "Masks" by Jennifer R. Povey, "Hera's Tempest" by Rob Jacobsen, "Roanoke, Nevada" by Edward J. Knight, "Nectar of the Gods" by Jessi Rita Hoffman, "The Tortoise Parliament" by Kenneth Schneyer, "Black Sun" by David Tallerman, and "Pop Quiz" by Curtis James McConnell.

The stories each offer a unique plot, providing readers with a truly spellbinding collection. "Roanoke, Nevada" tells the story of an epidemiologist who is summoned to Nevada by the military to investigate the cause of epidemic disease in an alien colony, ending with a powerful and unexpected to human history, making the story resonate with evocative themes. In "Hera's Tempest", a mission to conquer Hera's tempest gone bad leaves one man to wrestle with his inner demons as he faces off against a half-man/ half-machine who can root around inside his thoughts, reading his mind and his soul. These and other stories truly fulfill the aim of Digital Science Fiction: to compile stories that "not only entertain but offer something extra as well: an aesthetic pleasure, a beauty, or a thought-provoking quality that renders them timeless."

Throughout the stories, readers are kept at the edge of their seats, breathless with the many plot twists and the mastery of suspense that the authors exhibit. Each of the stories are deftly written, transcending the mere creation of a plot and maintaining genuine literary quality, a rare combination in modern writing. After reading First Contact, science fiction fans are inevitably anxious for the next release from Digital Science Fiction, eager for the next installment of riveting and literary stories.Sci