Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hillary Hujanen's Pomegranate Blues

Hillary Hujanen’s Pomegranate Blues chronicles the story of Persey Green, a teenage girl who tries desperately to go through life average and unnoticed, even attempting to skew her grades so as not to stand out.  In a society with vampire stories abound, Hujanen provides readers with a refreshing style of teenage fantasy fiction in this page-turning story of Greek gods and the Underworld.

While Persey struggles to deal with adjusting to the culture shock of life in Montana after relocating from California, her sister’s death, and a mother who only want to parent when it is “convenient”, working nights and barely noticing Persey’s existence, her average life of average teenage travails takes on an entirely new dimension.  Persey begins to notice some curious afflictions, plagued with allergies to cold weather, developing migraines whenever it snows.  A handsome and peculiar Greek exchange student, Aides, makes Persey’s heart “beat furiously” and distracts her from her problems and her unanswered questions in life.

As Persey’s illness worsens, her mother tells her the secrets of her past, explaining her sister’s mysterious death, her illness, her dreams, and her attraction to Aides.  She discovers that she is the re-born Greek goddess of the Underworld, Persephone, and that her magnetic draw to Aides is her fate, as he is the human embodiment of Hades.  Each day that Persey remains on Earth threatens to be her last, as her aversion to the cold grows deadly and a walk on a mild winter day almost claims her life.

As she faces the prospect of an eternity in the Underworld, Persey must struggle with her fate, choosing between love and sanity.  Hujanen seamlessly fuses Greek mythology, the trials of teenage life, a story of fate, and a girl faced with a critical decision in an absolutely spell-binding way, keeping readers riveted from beginning to end.