Friday, June 17, 2011

Jade Writing (First English Translation of Yellow Court Classic) by Imios Archangelis

Imios Archangelis has provided readers with the first English translation of the ancient Taoist text, Yellow Court Classic, bringing the classic and widely studied third century work to a new generation and culture of readers. Archangelis's translation, Jade Writing, is focused on translating the text in such a way that it is accessible to modern readers, taking scientific views of the Universe into account, making it more relevant to modern practitioners. While the original Yellow Court Classic has been studied at length in China, English audiences have only had selected passages available to them in the past, Archangelis has finally provided them with a complete translation, renewing interest in the text and filling the significant gap left in the English-speaking study of Taoist history by the exclusion of this text from translation.

Archangelis has been a practitioner of the Complete Reality lineage of Taoism for over 30 years and wrote the new translation to share insights from his own study and to promote overall peace and prosperity. The insights that are provided from his own practice, wisdom, and knowledge help readers to improve their study of Taoism in a foreword that helps us to understand the ancient text, footnotes that help us to understand its somewhat mystifying words while we are reading, and a glossary that provides us with the meanings of essential words and symbols. Throughout the book, we are provided with the original text transliterated into English, followed by the page that has been translated to flow better and be more comprehensible, showing readers how firmly rooted in the original reading the text is and allowing them do their own research to verify and make their own inferences, if desired.

Through this text, readers are able to gain ancient insights, backed by modern science, to meditation and visualization to promote longevity and health. This compelling translation helps readers to understand the text and brings it to a new culture and generation of readers. Whether you are looking to improve your life and health through Taoist teachings or advance your already developed practice, Archangelis is the ideal guide to lead us down the path to total health of the mind and body.