Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Margaret Komly's Mental Idols

Margaret I. Komly's Mental Idols: A Journey to Total Freedom in Jesus Christ is an uplifting and inspirational message helping readers find victory and total freedom in Jesus Christ. Komly offers her Godly, spiritual experiences as a guide for reaching this freedom from false gods. It is her "hope and prayer" in writing this book "that you, the reader, will focus on reaching this freedom that Almighty God our Heavenly Father has provided for all His children and that this true-life account will prove helpful for reaching that goal."

Total freedom in Jesus Christ is a two-step process. While many people believe that total freedom in Jesus Christ is only accomplished through successful deliverance from demons, there is a second step that "most people in the deliverance ministry fail to recognize; don't want to tackle; or, simply have no awareness of its existence." Deliverance from demons (the first step) is "easy" compared to the second step: "The Flesh." "Understanding the real problem," "concentrating on the real and lasting solution," and "understanding the enemy" are necessary details "toward determining the strategy for winning the war."

Komly highlights the stumbling block that many of us have in successfully running the race and reaching the prize of freedom. "We human beings mentally nurture and mentally worship pride (mental idol), as well as other false gods, in some degree and form every day. Where there is mental worship, there is a god-mental idol." Although we are commonly reminded of some of the "obvious" false gods (pride, love of money, and our jobs), Komly illuminates that there are other, seemingly innocuous, false gods that we allow to persist.

By asking Almighty God to show her any false gods in her life, Komly was able to pray against the false gods called Passivity of Mind, the Interrupter of Sleep, the Proud of Heart, and the Fear of Becoming Unsafe. For Komly, (in this particular case), many of her mental idols were related to an unhealthy sleep pattern; for example, the false god called Fear of Becoming Unsafe kept her awake to "keep watch". Pride and lying fear will prompt the individual to think that one's own power is the only way to guarantee an individual's safety. Thus, this individual must stay awake to remain safe. This prompting leads to worshiping the false god of Fear of Becoming Unsafe. Searching the scriptures and using the power of Almighty God's Word, Komly realized that "It's okay for me to sleep. I don't have to watch out for anything. Almighty God is in control. He is my protector." In her book, Mental Idols, which includes a chapter on the "Prayers of Freedom," Komly teaches readers how to become free of their own mental slavery to Satan.

For Komly, the Godly revelation of mental idols and their "attachment" to the flesh (the old sin nature/ungodly self) was truly a "discovery of the century"! In showing readers how she won her own spiritual war and that total freedom in Jesus Christ is possible for everyone, Komly nourishes the souls of her readers. Mental Idols is a breath of fresh air and will irrevocably transform the lives of all those who are struggling for their own mental freedom.