Monday, June 13, 2011

Pursuit by Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett's Pursuit: A Tale of Bishop's Island is a page-turning thriller, chronicling Ryan Rayburn in his pursuit of his wife Aryn, after she is abducted. Pursuit poses the question: "How far would you go for the one you love?" The limits of love are tested through Ryan's boundless devotion to his wife in his quest that takes him across Bishop's Island, an island shrouded in mysteries from the past, and on an investigation that threatens his life as he seeks his beloved wife and redemption for the wrongs he has done to her previously.

Garrett presents two compelling characters at the core of the story, characters that inspire a genuine care and concern in the reader for their well-being, how their misfortune, and ultimately how their marriage will play out. They are diametrically opposed in every possible way: where Aryn is faithful, Ryan is cynical; where Aryn is immutable and tough; Ryan is filled with flaws and regrets. Despite their many differences, Aryn and Ryan share an underlying love for each other that is tested through both separation and extreme circumstances. As a historian and descendant of one of the families responsible for the overthrow of Nathaniel Bishop's Pacific Northwest Empire, Aryn's knowledge is the key to uncovering the treasures and secrets of the island, secrets, which, if revealed, could threaten everyone she loves, including Ryan. As Aryn's life and relationship are tested, her faith, the stabilizing core of her life, is tested throughout her trials; "She had been faithful, she had believed when there was no reason to hold on."

In Ryan, readers are offered a flawed man; although he has made his share of mistakes, he deeply loves Aryn and has a genuine desire to mend their relationship; "For a man who made a living fixing other people's problems, it was unsettling that he could not repair the one relationship he treasured most." When he discovers that Aryn is missing, Ryan's world stands still and, despite their separation, "Once he had vowed never to fail her, never to let her endure any suffering alone... He had to turn his life around, he had to become the man Aryn deserved, the man she needed him to be."

Ryan embarks on a quest to save his beloved wife and restore their marriage, illustrating that for true love, there is no limit to how far one will go. Garrett's gift for story-telling draws readers in, riveting them from cover to cover, as adventure and secrets unfold. It offers a powerful underlying message of redemption and faith woven into the compelling plot, both inspiring and entertaining readers.