Monday, June 13, 2011

Star Base: The Rockets by J.T. Starr

J.T. Starr's Star Base: The Rockets literally launches readers into the middle of an exciting plot from the opening page, beginning with the aptly named Texan rock band, The Rockets, stowing away on a NASA space freighter headed for the space station Star Base, in another universe, intent on becoming the "USO Show to the Stars." Charlie, the drummer and bass player, lets Suzie and Vanita in on the information that the men will be easy pickings for them on Star Base, as the planets Tyre and Thorr are composed of about seventy percent gay and bisexual women. Cassie, the lead guitarist, vocalist and central character, informs her friends that she is gay; she has already told her boyfriend, Charlie, but he is "cool" with it, assuming that it means they will continue to date with threesomes.

The astronauts have miscalculated, unaware that they have failed to account for the expansion of the universe and time warp, drifting into Tyrian orbit space. When everyone aboard the ship is taken before Julia, the Czar of Tyre, Cassie is immediately attracted to the "gorgeous redhead." Julia senses the "strong vibes of interest" from Cassie, who she finds "intoxicating," noting that she is "one of the most beautiful women she'd ever seen." After a private concert, Julia decides to keep the band around for a while for her "entertainment," commencing a steamy love affair between Cassie and Julia. After Cassie's first sexual encounter with a woman, she is convinced that Julia is "the one."

With Julia's help, The Rockets become an overnight sensation. They quickly begin to enjoy the indulgent debauchery and lifestyle of the planet, which represents a consequence-free environment of sexual encounters, drinking, drugs and experimentation. Although Cassie is initially jealous when she first discovers that monogamy is a foreign concept on Tyre and finds Julia with another woman, she quickly begins enjoying the free-loving lifestyle of the planet, becoming conceited with the number of women who want her. When it comes time for The Rockets to leave Tyre and head to Star Base, Julia dismisses her strong feelings for Cassie, as it "wasn't considered normal for a Tyrian to care for only one person."

On Star Base, Cassie becomes interested in the "hauntingly beautiful" Major Brianna Thorr, the "ice princess" who is immune to her charms; "Looks like you finally found a heart you can't melt," Charlie remarks. After Julia visits Star Base to rescue The Rockets from deportation back to Earth and a jail sentence, she senses sexual tension between Cassie and Brianna. Knowing that Brianna is Thorrian, and that most Thorrians are monogamous, she determines that the best thing to do is let Cassie get Brianna out of her system: "One night with that boring Major - and Cassie will be through with her." Julia's plan backfires, as Cassie finally wins Brianna over, sparking a relationship that transcends the physical, joining their spirits. However, Julia isn't about to stand by and let Brianna take Cassie away from her.

A love triangle that will involve marriage, jealousy, divorce, blackmail, and murder ensues, taking readers on a spell-binding journey. J.T. Starr's novel speaks to a new generation of sexually open women and the increasing number of openly bisexual and lesbian women, fulfilling the literary need for authors who take bisexual and gay stories into new genres, fusing fantasy, steamy love scenes, and a love triangle into one completely riveting story.