Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Larry Long's A Vanishing of Divas

Larry Long's A Vanishing of Divas: A Kurt McBride Mystery is a page-turner that will keep readers wholly engrossed from cover to cover. As women from Mississippi to Massachusetts are reported missing, the only link that can be established between them is that they were all graduated from Northwestern University around 1970 and that they were all sorority girls in their college days during the late 1960s.

Socialite Carolie Stafford enlists the help of attorney Kurt McBride to investigate, calling him to her Tucson home to assist her in a "life or death matter," worth a fee of $4,000 per day. Carolie believes that she is the next victim, presenting him with a piece of evidence that she received informing her of the fourth murder before it occurred and implicating that she may be next on the list.

Although investigating isn't his "expertise," the socialite's handsome fee persuades him to take the case; while McBride believes that it will be an easy case that can be solved before his next tee time, it may end costing him and the people around him more than they ever thought. McBride's hunt for the kidnapper will prove to be incredibly perilous; shortly after accepting Stafford's assignment, his fiancée's car explodes on her way home from the airport and another woman goes missing. As he investigates, tensions mount and the situation becomes hopeless, leaving Kurt desperate to find the culprit after his client disappears, challenging his competence and his honor.

Long's story is riveting, leaving readers breathless as the danger increases and the plot thickens, building to a stunning conclusion. Readers will undoubtedly be shocked by the twists in plot and the revelation of the culprit. Long has a unique prowess for creating a plot that keeps readers guessing, showcasing a gift for surprising even those readers who pride themselves on being able to solve a mystery before it is revealed by the author. Truly, a must read for all mystery and crime drama readers.