Friday, July 29, 2011

Michael Bronte's Presidential Risk

Presidential Risk by Michael Bronte is a compelling tale of America, both in the present world and in the supernatural world. Bronte seamlessly interweaves timely topics into his riveting plot, providing fictional insight into political topics and social issues in a manner that will keep readers absolutely captivated.   In the supernatural world, presidents of the past, including Abe Lincoln (Abe the Hat), Teddy Roosevelt (Ready Teddy), and Ulysses S. Grant (Ulysses), and others, play a game of Risk, as their moves of world conquest translate into the political climate of the real world.

In the real world, a maniacal dictator, Olie Tohouri, is wreaking havoc on the African continent, as the world sits back and watches, as their “strategic interests” are not in danger, outraging his protagonist Pauli Campo, who asserts that “Evidently, we didn’t have enough interests in the poor, desolate countries where thousands were already dead by Tohouri’s hand,” reflecting not only the “ungame,” but also the real events of the world, as the world watches the events in Zimbabwe unfold, unconcerned by Mugabe’s murderous reign, as it is not a “strategic interest” for America.  Bronte’s hero, Pauli Campo, defies the arrogant political stereotype, a man who considers flaunting accomplishments and “dancing in the end zone” the downfall of our society, believing that today’s adults lack discipline and humility as a result of their upbringing.  In Campo, we are offered insight into the downfalls of our society and politicians and given an opportunity to imagine a political candidate without agenda or ego who believes in standing up for what is right.

The action really picks up in the third chapter, leaving readers incapable of putting it down, spellbound as Bronte’s story unfolds on the page.  Presidential Risk is a phenomenally unique story of political intrigue and world politics past and present that will capture the minds and imaginations of its readers.