Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clay Workman's The Missing Mass of the Universe

Clay Workman’s The Missing Mass of the Universe is a collection of 24 humorous short essays and short stories that vary in topic and theme, often highlighting a truth of our society through wit.  Workman’s collection is certain to keep readers laughing from cover to cover as he explores eclectic and varied topics in a humorous manner, from skiing down California’s Mt. Lassen in June to The Bill of Rights.

His acerbic wit is evident throughout his humorous commentary, noting that selling plasma “probably wasn’t part of anyone’s five year plan” and that you “can’t even put it on your resume.”  Workman addresses all aspects of American culture, calling the mainstream media “the highest law in the land” and of our socioeconomic system, he notes that “Steve Jobs couldn’t get a loan, the bank laughed at him.  At least I have that in common with him.”  His political assessments and hilarious sarcasm will keep readers laughing, asserting that “democrats teach their kids never to think” which has become “such a generational problem that it has resulted in Obama being elected, if you can imagine such a tragedy” and other assertions on immigration and political issues that are certain to entertain readers of all parties.

The Missing Mass of the Universe goes far beyond political humor, essentially highlighting universal truths in a comedic manner, as Workman muses on everything from relationships to why humans domesticated cats.  Workman’s humor highlights many of the ills of our society, making for an incredibly entertaining read, whether you are looking for something to make you laugh or for humorous relief from the political and social issues that have been weighing on you.  The Missing Mass of the Universe is an incredibly entertaining collection that offers a refreshing take and fresh voice on social issues and other truths through Workman’s uniquely comical voice.