Thursday, August 4, 2011

Corporatocracy Rules by Joan Francis

Corporatocracy Rules: A Diana Hunter Thriller by Joan Francis is page-turning political thriller, chronicling the investigation of mortgage fraud by everyone’s favorite female, PI, Diana Hunter, who uses daring, boldness, and uncanny resourcefulness to devise solutions to crimes and conspiracies.  When Hunter accepts a case from Maude McCollovoy, the richest woman in America, she must go undercover as a homeless woman, reprising her role as “Bag Lady Betty” in order to spy on Maude’s son, Robby.

Her curiosity is naturally piqued by an assignment from the “Black Widow Heiress,” a woman with whom she has nothing in common and is puzzled as to why she was selected for the assignment; “…Maude was a member in good standing of that shadow-power behind the curtain; those I had come to call our ruling Corporatacracy,” which has led to legendary debates between the two at their hairdresser’s.  Despite their history, Maude needs “a woman on the inside” to find out what Robby is involved in and she maintains that Hunter’s “methods of operation are appropriate to my needs.”
Maude has sought someone outside of her usual security staff for this job, insisting that Hunter not share her involvement with anyone in her household or anyone else, when she presents her with the task of investigating Robby’s involvement with LA LA Land, which advertises foreclosure properties “for next to nothing.”  Robby has been investigating LA LA Land’s dealings, breaking his silence with his mother to seek the help of her legal counsel In finding out what it would take to get the District Attorney to file against someone for real estate fraud.  

When Hunter is informed that she will receive a retainer of $20,000, rather than be overjoyed, alarm bells ring in her head, giving her the unsettling feeling that there is much more to the case than Maude is letting her in on.

Francis uses her past experience as a PI to add layers of realism and a particular authenticity to the story, bringing vivid detail to the imaginations of its readers.  As Francis’ spellbinding story unfolds, readers will be left at the edges of their seats, riveted by her gift for suspense and mystery.