Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dakota Diamond's 151 Thinker's Thoughts of All Fascinations

151: Thinker’s Thoughts of All Fascinations by Dakota Diamond is an evocative collection of various thoughts and personal and acute reflections on everything from the American presidency and the many aspects of war, “A conflict between two people could result in a catastrophic devastation.  A war could erupt with just a few words.  Six billion lives could be at stake.  The two world leaders risk it all.”  Dakota’s words highlight universal truths and show forth our underlying humanity in a truly compelling manner. Dakota Diamond examines and lays bare the truth behind historical events, opening secret doorways within the reader’s mind. A most enjoyable read, and certainly time well spent. Truly, a Fascination of Thought.

Intended to be thought provoking, the words contained in this book provide readers a great deal upon which to reflect. The stories behind 151 are as fascinating as the reflections themselves. Written as a means of recording one’s thoughts, these are the thoughts that came to Dakota Diamond during war, and as such are as compelling as they are authentic. The book’s history has resulted in various shows of emotions that illuminate humanity.  In 151, readers are given insight into the true nature of Dakota’s life experiences upon which he reflects. Truly, a rare glimpse of history with war as a backdrop and gripping emotional detail that will resonate with readers from all walks of life.

Dakota has an incredible style of writing that he synthesizes in 151, an overwhelmingly emotional collection of reflections during his incredible 22-year journey—from the sensitive thoughts of a young soldier to the completed work. 151 is a stunningly moving collection of lines, paragraphs, poetry and statements that is an ideal addition to the library of any reader. A book that will not disappoint; it will keep you glued to completion.

A book with humor and sunshine, respect, admiration, love and courage—an authentic work of genius from deep inside the author’s mind. With universal and timeless appeal, truly this is a book for everyone.