Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dakota Diamond's 792

“The Most Secret Agent has never had an introduction, he is still, very secret. The desire to connect to the saviors of our lifetime. Share the greatest accomplishments of another human being. Share the gracious presence of the angel looking out for us all.”  792 The Most Secret Agent: Volume 1: Treasure by Dakota Diamond, author of 151: Thinker’s Thoughts of All Fascinations is another compelling work from this emerging author who has quickly established himself as a reader favorite.  Widely hailed as a masterpiece, 792 keeps readers in suspense from cover-to-cover as it chronicles the story of Ted. 

Ted, an inventor, realizes that there is a “secret war” going on both domestically and abroad, the winner of which is determined by obtaining the most sophisticated technology and discoveries.  He mails a package containing a miniature tracking device to the United States Patent and Trademark office under an assumed name, discovering that the mail is circumvented for a fourteen minute stop, wherein the Russians copy the submissions and information from approximately 1,000 inventions, “feeding the Russians America’s future.”  After Ted launches an ambitious maneuver to infiltrate the secret facility, readers are taken on an incredible thrill ride of action and suspense into the heart of a Russian intelligence operation, the military, China, Ted’s nightmare world, and beyond.

792 is certain to keep readers riveted from beginning to end, as Diamond’s story unfolds before their eyes.  Written in accessible language and interwoven with plot twists and suppressed information, only to be revealed after a great deal of suspense, 792 is a fast-paced story that everyone can enjoy reading, leaving them eager to read Volume II: Treasure Commencement, and Volume III: Master Spy Edition: The Final Day, inspired by Commanding General Ted Dane Jerolst.  Diamond is certain to thrill and delight readers with a unique writing style that is unforgettable.