Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Fountain of Youth: Cycle 1: Volume 1 by Sherman Woods

The Fountain of Youth: Cycle 1: Volume 1 by Sherman Woods is a musical set in the distant future on The Planet of Truth. Woods creatively displays an artful use of lyrics while telling a compelling story and illuminating deep themes of Evil’s attempt to seduce Virtue, good vs. evil, and love.

The Fountain of Youth opens at the Evil Lord’s regally decorated castle with Virtue imprisoned by a beam of light; the Evil Lord has cast a shadow of death over the planet, leaving it less than a week to survive, singing, “Your planet will die/ For she is mine/ The true light source/ Will never be yours.” Ryan comes to liberate Virtue from his “evil hand” and asserts that he will not be intimidated as the Evil Lord threatens to execute him and challenges his belief system. 

The Evil Lord tells Ryan that the Timekeepers did not grant his people Virtue and that they are nothing but myth, countering that the Evil Lord fears bravery. When he executes Ryan for his act of bravery, Virtue expresses her disgust and disdain for his “thirst for blood,” which has no bounds, standing firm against his attempted seduction, as her love is for another, “a true conqueror.”

After news of Ryan’s death reaches those on The Planet of Truth, only one man, Baron, is brave enough to defend the planet. He must face great adversity in order to save Virtue, traversing time and space through time portals patrolled by spirits that seek his death, with dark forces at play whose only hope for survival is to “rob, kill, and steal from the innocent.” In order to save the planet, Virtue must fight too, guided by the four Timekeepers, Passion, Loyalty, Faith, and Ruby, who know how daunting the task before them is, as only a man whose love for Virtue “has no flaws” can save her and The Planet of Truth. 

To be sure, The Fountain of Youth is an action-packed, spellbinding story that will undoubtedly mesmerize audiences with its story, themes, and lyrics.