Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joanne Rypma's Know God and Love Him: Prayers with Scripture

“We are one in our mind, our heart, and our soul,” and off Rypma goes, guiding you through your connection with the Lord. Joanne brings you her original prayers, a journey toward a closer relationship with God, and a humility that resides in our deepest thoughts. She wishes for us to find a deeper level within ourselves, and thus, the blessings the Lord has to offer. Prayer is one of these fulfillments toward this bond with God.

Using her unique prayers, she also includes the Liturgical Years A, B, and C taught in her church on the weekends and scriptures from the Old and New Testaments. Rypma attended Catholic schools for years, but it wasn’t until she began focusing on her church’s Bible study classes in later years, that she was inspired to write her prayers.

Her priest would ask the parishioners of the group to volunteer morning prayers, and week after week none offered. So, she took it upon herself, after a particular class, to return home and write several prayers to God. With praise, class members told her how much they loved her prayers and how meaningful they were. Rypma was surprised that her prayers were helping the group in a very personal way, enabling them to speak freely about their personal spiritual feelings. Her priest was inspired by her work; he wanted her to publish the pieces so that others could read them, too. In that moment, she knew the Lord had given her guidance and had inspired her to continue in the writing of her book.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and happily residing now in Florida, Joanne is a retiree from 25 years of business office employment. She is devoting her time to her new vocation and to her church. Rypma works for the Catholic Council for Women, as well as in a ministry that provides food to the underprivileged.

Know God and Love Him: Prayers with Scripture is a gift to each of its readers. Rypma delivers an eloquent and loving union between mankind and God—one that sets us free from doubt and into opportunity.