Monday, August 22, 2011

Luke Loaghan's Worlds Apart

Luke Loaghan’s Worlds Apart is a modern day version of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, putting a unique twist on the classic story, using a 1980s high school in New York City as a backdrop.  Readers will quickly be swept away by Loaghan’s story of heartache, true love, regret, indecision, guilt, and death, transfixed as the story unfolds on the page before them.  This modern day interpretation of Orpheus and Eurydice will win over readers, inevitably becoming a classic itself.

David, the sports editor of his high school newspaper, is a high school student who does not feel as though he fits in among his peers at the upper echelon high school, Stanton.  While most high school students have their fair share of problems, David has an undue burden, having to contend with the ever present problems of gangs, guns, drugs, an abnormally high death rate at his high school, and the guilt he carries from being his mother’s caretaker at the time of her death. Things take a turn for the better when David falls in love with Delancey, despite their difference in upbringings. In a twist of events, their relationship hits a snag when Delancey is taken from David and he must take on Death himself in order to get her back, steadfast in his devotion.

Whether you are a lover of Greek mythology or just enjoy a great story, Worlds Apart is a must-read.  Loaghan’s use of classic mythology and evocative themes interwoven into a compelling story line places this story above other modern-day novels, making it a true literary work and positing Loaghan as one of the great writers of our generation, leaving readers anxious for the next release from this compelling new author; if Worlds Apart is any indication of what readers can expect in the future, Loaghan will undoubtedly become a favorite among readers everywhere.