Friday, August 5, 2011

Richard A. Valicek's Alamptria 1 Bloodstone Crypt

Alamptria 1: Bloodstone Crypt by Richard A. Valicek is an epic journey in the 15th century land of Alamptria, where the evil forces of Mount Drone threaten the peaceful people of Elysium. It is a compelling tale of good versus evil and the threat of insurmountable adversity from an avaricious and ruthless would-be ruler.

The diabolical creature Makoor is on the verge of unleashing his creatures of the undead in order to give him domination over Alamptria by infecting the humans with his blood.  The thirsty army of vampires brutally murders the Elysian king, corrupting Futus, King Roffadus’ First in Command, who had previously been a “loyal servant,” “friend,” and “honourable citizen.”  Futus now has no choice but to “follow his blackened heart’s ambition,” which has been “poisoned with rage and guilt” and “consumed with malice,” turning Futus into a character not unlike the Shakespearean Brutus, killing King Roffadus, denying him his request for an honorable death, and, most disturbingly, laughing at his betrayal.

His replacement has three sons, Andromin, Dragus, and Caprius, bestowed with extraordinary powers from Grongone, the elf wizard. The three knights must unite their powers in order to fight against an unspeakable evil, whose terrifying power threatens to overwhelm these three sons’ collective powers.
Valicek is truly a master of fantasy, rendering a stunning tale of vampires, set in faraway lands and times, and the forces of good and evil that will keep readers on the edges of their seats—breathless as the battle for Alamptria unfolds before them.  The author’s mastery of words and poetry of language is as compelling as his plot, making for an unbeatable combination that is absolutely unforgettable, touching readers deeply.  

To be sure, readers will inevitably be left anxious for the next installment in the spellbinding Alamptria series, eager once again to be transported to the land of Alamptria.