Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sean Liv's The Ticket

The Ticket by fitness expert, life strategist, and motivational speaker, Sean Liv, inspires readers to unite their body, mind, and spirit for a powerful life, inspired by her own struggles with depression, becoming fed up with the “darkness that surrounded my life.”  Liv was able to transform far more than her body, completely revolutionizing her mentality and life, taking an entirely new attitude towards her life journey, an attitude that she shares with readers, passing on some of her infectious new-found self confidence.

Among other techniques, The Ticket uses powerful imagery to help readers to imagine the life that they want for themselves, encouraging them to “take ownership of it” and beginning working towards make each day in reality play out the way that it does in their imagination.  Liv walks readers through the action steps of plan-making, identifying what it is that they want, what it will take to get there, how it is necessary to shift their belief systems, and what it will take to “own it and believe in it.”  Through The Ticket, readers are able to form a blueprint for their lives and release the emotional energy within.  

Although The Ticket provides valuable lessons for everyone, its most important lessons are in taking control of our weight and health, giving readers real, applicable, and sensible approach to weight loss. Liv teaches readers about fitness from the inside out, helping them to form nutritional lifestyles that are sustainable through lessons in nutrients, vitamins, and the psychological aspect involved.  By understanding nutrition, taking a healthy approach to weight loss, and releasing your “inner athlete waiting to shine,” long-term weight loss is possible.

The Ticket helps readers to break through personal boundaries, take ownership of the lives and bodies, and completely transform their lives.  Liv is the ultimate motivator, providing readers with wisdom garnered from real life experience and an approach to life, happiness, and weight loss that can benefit anyone.