Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toby Heale's Rebellion for Democracy

Toby Heale's The Rebellion for Democracy is the truly riveting account of one man's struggle to procure democracy for his nation, a pursuit that rapidly changes from one of youthful idealism to a suspenseful and dangerous minefield in which tensions are high. It is one part thriller and one part political critique, combining into one completely compelling whole. Jack Palmer is part of a group called "The Reform Group," who attempt to free the British people from the crippling burden of overbearing taxation and draconian laws, believing that the people have become slaves in their own nation.

The group achieves modest success at first, establishing an independent territory in the south of London that creates the media frenzy that they had anticipated, a glimmer of success that is quickly extinguished. Free society and free thinking must battle not only against the establishment and the intricate network in place to establish it, but also openly violent forces. From there, Jack Palmer is thrust into a world of life-threatening danger taking readers with him, as his non-violent call for reform is contaminated by the corrupt influence of a brutal government-mandated security service and a traitor with no moral bounds or conscience. There is a monster in the midst of "The Reform Group," wreaking havoc on the organization and keeping readers anxiously reading as the story unfolds, revealing abductions, misalliances, and more danger than they could have imagined.

Heale's story combines a spellbinding plot with timely themes that are relevant to our society and the tensions of the international and domestic political climates, making The Rebellion for Democracy a must-read. Toby Heale's unforgettable story makes him the voice of generation, as well as quickly establishing him as a reader favorite, appealing to readers from many genres with his tale that is as thought-provoking as it is enetertaining.