Friday, August 26, 2011

Wright Forbucks's Even Steven: Book One

Wright Forbucks, a self-proclaimed “ex-inventor now writing for bucks,” scribes the tale of two widowers who have tragically lost their spouses to tragic fates.  Forbucks’s writing style is incredibly entertaining, combining a suspenseful story with a hilarious cast of characters that are certain to delight readers, keeping them laughing out loud through his depictions of his protagonist’s bossy GPS system, Linda, and Mrs. Honey Bittensworth. 

When Steven Zangst’s wife suffers from a stroke and dies, Steven has trouble coping with the tragedy and retreats to the small New England town of Apple.  Conflict is no stranger for Steven and he soon finds it in Apple with his son’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Honey Bittensworth, who he immediately buts heads with; Mrs. Bittensworth begins to question Steven’s parenting skills after his son, Ronnie, breaks the “no candy” policy and eventually makes a call to Social Services, inspired by Law & Order: SVU.

Honey takes this stand, regardless of what has happened to the Zangst family, because has a true disdain for the opposite sex. It seems this dislike is especially fuelled by men being from Silicon Valley, like Steven, because these men remind her of her ex-husband, computer software designer Richard “Ditty” Bittensworth, and she considers them to be nerds. The city of Apple is shocked by only its second murder in its history when Andy McCormack is found shot in the head; McCormack’s beautiful widow, Hope, becomes friends with Steven and he enlists her help in getting his son back from Social Services.

Forbucks has gone the distance in creating some very quirky and unique characters ever assembled in a novel. Even Steven: Book One introduces readers to: Steven Zangst, an insanely rich man who more than gets even with those who get in his way in business; Mrs. Honey Bittensworth, a man-hating and manipulative elementary school teacher; Scary Mary Morgan, a foul-mouthed, cold-blooded killer; and many more, an eclectic cast that will be reprised in the second instalment of the Even Steven series.  Wright Forbucks has taken the mystery genre to a new level with his satirical approach to murder and mystery, creating a bizarre cast of characters that is certain to catch the attention of his readers and keep them laughing and intrigued throughout.