Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Things He Told Me But Can't Tell You Because You Won't Listen by Mischa P. Green

30 Things He Told Me But Can’t Tell You Because You Won’t Listen by Mischa P. Green offers words of wisdom for women looking to strengthen their relationships by strengthening their listening and communication skills.  Green has compiled 4 ½ years of conversations with married couples, wives, husbands, divorcés, divorcées, single men, women looking to get married, couples who have been divorced and remarried, as well as her own insights on marriage, gained from years of reflecting on her marriage and what she would have done differently.

As the title suggest, 30 Things He Told Me offers 30 different conversation topics from the perspective of a man, giving women valuable insight into their often uncommunicative partner’s thoughts, based on direct quotes from real husbands, followed by commentary and “what might be helpful” in the situation.  The topics are as varied as they are common, highlighting various breakdowns in communication and things that husbands often fail to tell their wives.  Among the conversation topics covered are: lack of physical intimacy, needing to be needed, needing to be treated according to their treatment of you and not the treatment that you received in past relationships, failure to take constructive criticism well, and failure to understand motivations for letting you know that there are people in your life with hidden agendas.

30 Things He Told Me is written in an approachable, conversational tone, written for real people based on the stories, thoughts, and insights of real people, a true departure from the traditional self-help book; men are people, not “rubber bands,” and they have a lot to say about your marriage if you open up your heart and listen.   Many women have trouble getting inside the hearts and minds of their men, whether they are failing to listen or their husbands are failing to communicate; Green provides the ultimate guide to understanding what they are thinking and feeling.  

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