Monday, October 10, 2011

J.J. Thor's Butterfly on the Moon

A Butterfly on the Moon: Faith is Your Power by L.L. Thor takes readers on a sentimental journey, illuminating all aspects of the human experience through her poetry.  Whether you are a fan of poetry or a Christian, A Butterfly on the Moon offers poems and messages that will resonate with readers, touching on universal themes that will captivate hearts and minds.

Thor’s poetry began as a “self-help solution” to “a multitude of personal problems;” she was encouraged to write and to share her story as she received feedback from others.  Her collection offers powerful messages on forgiveness, the Lord’s forgiving nature, hatred, faith, and the protection of God, among other stirring themes.  The words of the poetry are as moving as the themes themselves, beautifully composed to share her message.  Her messages of faith are particularly moving; “I believe that He lives in me,/ And I through Him/ The light in my eyes is bright now;/ No longer yearning or dim.”  Thor’s poems offer valuable lessons to carry with us through life, urging us to remember that “God does not give up” and to be “empowered by the word of God” when we are thinking of giving up, reminding us that no matter how comforting a sentimental journey may be, it can also be blinding; “Sentimental Journeys sometimes can be/ hazardous to our health,/ God has blessed us; and a Sentimental Journey can blind us, and keep us from/ seeing the true value of our wealth.”

Ultimately, Thor reminds readers that God gives us strength through our journeys, that “God is Love; God is Strength; God is Hope, Grace, and Mercy.”  This evocative collection is certain to become a treasured part of every reader’s library for the inspiration that can be drawn from both the words and their beauty.