Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mitch Weiss and Perri Gaffney's Managing Artists in Pop Music

Entertainment manager Mitch Weiss has a celebrity client list that has included the Village People, the Glamazons, Sir Ari Gold and other pop culture icons in his 25 year career.  In his book, Managing Artists in Pop Music: What Every Artist and Manager Must Know to Succeed, Weiss teams up with author Perri Gaffney to share the ins and outs of the music business.

Weiss and Gaffney help their readers to navigate their way through the overwhelming world of music, which can be a daunting undertaking.  The advice has been time-tested; their proven formula for success offers “Six Rules of Management,” “Contractual Clauses to Know,” and “Qualities to Look for in an Artist,” among other indispensible words of wisdom.

The format for the book is unique and engaging, taking readers through three days in the life of a music manager.  It is jam-packed with lessons that will prove to be invaluable, including: taxes, artist interviews and the press, creating a marketable image and how to deal with unexpected and unfortunate surprises like drugs and rehab and the death or resignation of a band member.

This practical and applicable guide even offers sample artist management agreements, booking agreements, record deals, and forms for independent contractors with analysis.  The second edition updates the timeless advice of the original text with timely advice on doing business in the digital era, a time when “The music industry is somewhere between chaos and flux.”

Weiss and Gaffney’s guide is written in accessible language and divided into bite-sized chapters and segments that make it easy to refer back to relevant lessons over and over again.  Managing Artists in Pop Music is the complete handbook for anyone looking to break into the world of pop music.  Weiss and Gaffney’s book will undoubtedly become a treasured resource to its readers, providing them with the tools that they need for success in the music industry.