Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nancy Budd's Budding Thoughts

In Budding Thoughts, author Nancy Budd offers a patchwork of stories that not only inspires readers to take action in their own lives, but also provides for an entertaining and quick read. If you're contemplating major changes in your life, or perhaps need a little encouragement, then this delightful book of inspirations can certainly help. The 198 pages are overflowing with advice ranging from how to keep a New Year's resolution to better ways of managing free time.

The theme of the book is that through a series of small changes in both our ways of thinking and how we choose to live, we can have a more fulfilling and productive life. Topics of finance, personal development, and relationships are covered, and readers are prompted to consider their current situations and how to best enact changes. For those readers who are feeling a bit down, there are some truly uplifting poems and short stories which give hope to even the most depressed among us.

Perhaps the reason why Budding Thoughts is such an effective read is that it is easily approachable, reading more like grandmotherly suggestions that touch our hearts. The experiences highlighted are drawn from the author's own life, so they have a genuine feel that rise above abstractions and empty platitudes.

In the old days, before most Americans could even fathom, let alone predict the self-help craze which would eventually become a part of our culture, authors such as Mark Twain observed people and offered advice based on their observations. For the most part, this advice was down to earth and simple, yet honest and to the point. Often, it was tinged with humor, so the readers could laugh at themselves and others while still learning a thing or two.
In many ways, Budding Thoughts is a return to the Mark Twain style of writing and advising. Budd's advice is similarly simple and to the point, inviting readers to make practical, sensible decisions in their lives.