Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wentworth M. Johnson's The Dutchman

The Dutchman by Wentworth M. Johnson is the seventh installment in the riveting Bill Reyner mystery adventure series and, although it is everything that readers have come to expect out of a Bill Reyner story, readers who are new to reading the series can quickly catch up with the characters and storyline. Bill, Newf, Gran, and the youngest addition to the cast of characters, William Tan, are surrounded by the usual level of intrigue and suspense when Bill is presented with a new conquest to solve an ages old mystery. As in the first six books, Johnson proves himself to be a master of plot and character, keeping readers at the edge of their seats throughout.

Despite his protests that “Detective work and treasure hunting are off of my list of things to do,” Gran convinces him to help Shyla Pitt “chase down some harmless treasure” and, in the meantime, enjoy the peace of the countryside in Norfolk, England. Once again, Bill finds himself stuck in the role of reluctant detective when his holiday is interrupted by danger and complication, turning into far more than the simple expedition that Gran talked him into.

Danger is everywhere for the Spanish gold-hunting team. Morag McPherson, a young girl who has taken a liking to Newf, is shot by a mysterious man, Bill and Newf find themselves trapped in a sinking ship, and Bill’s son, William Tan, is abducted. As usual, every page is packed with adventure and suspense.

Whether this is your first introduction to the Bill Reyner series or you are an avid fan of his adventures, The Dutchman is certain to keep you furiously turning pages as the story unfolds. Johnson has established himself a truly talented serial mystery author, keeping each story fresh and exciting, while still providing readers with the same core elements and characters that keep them coming back for more. Readers will undoubtedly be left anxious for the next installment in the Bill Reyner mystery adventure series, The Mermaid.