Monday, February 13, 2012

Wentworth M. Johnson's The Mermaid

The Mermaid by Wentworth M. Johnson is yet another hit in the spellbinding Bill Reyner Mystery Adventure series that has captivated readers since they were first introduced to the cast of characters in Fiend’s Gold.  In this eighth installment, Bill takes a new, rich wife, Deloris, who comes with more than a few strings attached.

Bill not only has a beautiful new wife, he is richer by several millions, several buildings, and a network of employees, and then, “of course there was this mystery that turned out to be so mysterious we only knew its name.”  The mystery of the Sirena platino is not only one that confounds Reyner and his team, but it also becomes quickly evident that the treasure and the danger are very real.  Early into his investigation of the mystery, an ominous stranger threatens Deloris’ life, warning Bill, “Just keep your nose out of my business and all will be well.” 

What ensues is a story of betrayal, treason and murder, taking readers on an exciting adventure that will keep them on the edges of their seats as Johnson’s story unfolds.  As Bill searches for the Sirena platino, a dead body threatens Bill’s search for treasure and the expedition becomes a “nightmare.” Johnson’s unbeatable formula makes it clear why readers just can’t get enough of the Bill Reyner Mystery Adventure series, whether he is hunting down the Sirena platino, investigating a murder that has remained unsolved for twenty years or investigating a cult-like church whose female members keep disappearing.

It matters not whether readers of the latest installment are reading the series for the very first time or they have already read the first seven books, The Mermaid is certain to captivate them from beginning to end.  This addictive series will undoubtedly keep readers up late at night—as Bill and company are thrown unexpected twists in their already compelling adventures.